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    Arnav Sud
    When participating in the forums please remember the following rules:

    [1] Act respectfully towards members and be patient when receiving help or support.

    [2] Treat other users kindly when participating in the discussion forums. Any form of hateful language or bigotry towards, race, sex, religion, orientation, or anything else will not be tolerated. No NSFW.

    [3] No advertising or soliciting of your own or others’ social media, content, communities or otherwise except when explicitly relevant to a discussion or question, either in chat or your username. Links to common sites like Youtube, Chessable etc. are fine as long as these do not solicit advertising and/or promotion. You may post about any Events in the Events forum.

    [4] Please make sure to stay on topic in each forum. Avoid cluttering up the forums when people are seeking assistance. Use common sense when posting. For example Quoting a whole chess game to reply to the author is probably not the best use of space and is likely to be frowned upon. Be civil.

    [5] No unsolicited memes, spamming (including emoji), or sh!t-posting in any forum.

    [6] No illicit material, torrents, books, videos or course contents of any kind is allowed. Public links e.g. Youtube are fine. Chess games should not be posted using URLs, but by using the PGN and FEN tags as described in the Support forum.

    [7] You may share your own work, but may not sell it or ask for any form of remuneration or compensation from fellow members.

    [8] The Administrators reserve the right to un-approve, delete, suspend or ban any user, topic, or discussion without being obligated to give a reason.

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